Bridge renovation

Is a bridge in urgent need of renovation? Timber and steel bridge decks require a lot of maintenance and must be replaced at the end of their life. Timber decks can rot and allow liquids and de-icing salts to pass through, which can affect the underlying steel structure. With a composite FiberCore bridge deck with InfraCore® Inside, these obstacles are a thing of the past.

Our prefab composite decks are extremely suitable for the renovation of bridge decks. They are virtually maintenance-free and insensitive to external influences.

We replace the old bridge deck with minimal nuisance and nuisance to the environment with a composite bridge deck with InfraCore® Inside. This technology prevents delamination and ensures that our bridges retain their strength and rigidity. The bridge can be used again quickly and will last up to 100 years. Thanks to the prefab construction, the bridge can be installed quickly and can therefore be used again quickly.

Bridge renovation: from A to Z

Are you curious whether your bridge can be renovated, widened or upgraded? There are various options for connecting the composite deck to the steel construction. Our skilled team of engineers does not shy away from a challenge. Please feel free to contact us. If desired, we can also take care of the complete assembly of the bridge widening.

Very sustainable solution

Demolishing a bridge is never a sustainable solution. Give your bridge a second life by widening or upgrading with our composite solutions. Thanks to the low dead weight, the low maintenance required and the long service life of the material. In addition, fewer transport movements are required for the installation of the bridge, which has a favorable effect on CO2 emissions. More about sustainability

Less maintenance on steel construction

We regularly carry out bridge renovations with a FiberCore bridge deck. Thanks to its low weight, the new bridge deck is lighter than the old timber or steel deck. As a result, the underlying construction does not have to be adjusted or made heavier, which is the case with concrete, for example

After installing a composite bridge deck, the underlying steel construction is less likely to be affected by oil, rainwater and de-icing salts. Because unlike wooden planks, the composite deck does not allow liquids to pass through. This saves maintenance on the steel construction.

Very strong

Composite bridge decks with InfraCore® Inside are extremely strong. Our bridges retain their strength and sturdiness. Even after many decades of intensive use.


More and more companies and governments are opting for the renovation of bridge decks with composite. Due to the strength of the material and its sustainable properties. A composite bridge deck is practically maintenance-free. This is because composite is insensitive to mold and moisture. And resistant to UV radiation and extreme temperature changes. The material retains its shape retention and strength. Composite can withstand practically all forms of vandalism, such as graffiti and fire. Such traces can be repaired quickly.

Our renovation projects

We have since renovated many bridges and bridge decks. Below is a selection of our projects.

Also opt for bridge renovation with a composite bridge deck

Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Or do you want a quick quote? Our advice team is ready for you.