Renovation of concrete bridges

When you think of an outdated concrete bridge that no longer meets today’s requirements, you may immediately think of demolishing and rebuilding it. This is not just an expensive solution; it causes a lot of nuisance (noise, blockages, traffic jams) and it is harmful to the environment. The SUREbridge method has been developed for the renovation of concrete bridges. Demolition is not necessary. The existing construction is reinforced and protected against external influences, such as moisture and de-icing salts, using FiberCore composite decks with InfraCore® Inside. The bridge complies with the Eurocodes and can – with minimal maintenance – last for many years.

The SUREbridge method offers the solution for fast, sustainable and cost-efficient renovation of concrete bridges. The existing construction will be strengthened and – if desired – widened by mounting a prefab composite panel with InfraCore® Inside on it. This allows the bridge to last up to 50 years, with minimal maintenance. The bridge is reinforced by a factor of 2 to 2.5 by using the method, in a construction time of only 6 weeks. And because the construction does not have to be demolished, this saves time, nuisance and transport; a major environmental benefit. Substantial savings are also made on costs; up to 50% compared to demolition and new construction. After applying the SUREbridge method, the bridge is completely futureproof again!

SUREbridge was developed – within the Infravation project – in a European context and is now being used in the Dutch market by developer FiberCore Europe in collaboration with Strukton Civiel.

That’s why SUREbridge

Europe has more than 1 million concrete bridges and viaducts. About 10 percent of the structures are outdated and in need of replacement or expensive maintenance. This is due to insufficient functionality due to (a combination of) concrete rot, heavy loads, insufficient row width and penetration of de-icing salts. And because traffic is increasing and getting heavier, stronger constructions are needed. But how? Demolition and new construction is not sustainable and causes a lot of nuisance. SUREbridge offers the solution. Concrete bridges are thus strengthened in a sustainable way and made future-proof. In a socially acceptable and financially attractive way.

Renovation of concrete bridges and viaducts

SUREbridge is a new method that preserves and even strengthens the existing construction. Using the InfraCore® technology, we increase both the bearing capacity and the functionality of existing concrete bridges. Result: a new construction that requires little or no maintenance. The service life is significantly extended; up to 50 years.

More strength and stiffness

SUREbridge is based on the composite bridge decks that we have been successfully producing for many years. We place load-bearing bridge decks with InfraCore® Inside on the existing construction. We place prestressed carbon reinforcement at the bottom of the construction. Together with the top deck, this provides more strength and stiffness. The new deck can also be wider than the existing situation.

Sustainable solution

Composite is the material for the future. Our bridge decks are made with InfraCore® technology. The advantages of renovation with this patented solution: no demolition of the existing structure, more strength and stiffness of the bridge and an extremely long lifespan of more than 50 years, without the risk of fatigue, corrosion and delamination. The bridge requires very little maintenance. More about sustainability

Developed in a European context

SUREbridge stands for Sustainable Refurbishment of Existing Bridges. The method was developed in a collaboration of 10 European countries, the United States and the European Commission. To develop SUREbridge, FiberCore Europe collaborated with Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden), University of Pisa (Italy) and AICE Consulting S.R.L. (Italy).

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SUREbridge-Tool Software

Demolish or renovate? Submit your V&R advice for obsolete concrete bridges fully substantiated to government agencies with a design calculation for the SUREbridge method. Through this tool, developed by Aice Consulting and offered by Man Machines, you as a consultancy or engineering firm calculate the feasibility of the SUREbridge method within your project.

SUREbridge pilot project: Hardenberg

The municipality of Hardenberg has decided to be the first client in the Netherlands (and the world) to reconstruct the existing bridge in the Toeslagweg using the innovative SUREbridge method. Read more about this world first.

Our bridge renovation projects

In The Netherlands, Europe and far beyond you will now find more than 1000 bridges and numerous lock gates produced by FiberCore Europe. From bicycle bridge in the residential area to the world’s longest bridge span. And from a harbor bridge in the Port of Rotterdam to the world’s largest FRP lock gates. And we are proud of that!

Also opt for hindrance-free bridge renovation

Also opt for bridge renovation with SUREbridge. The result: a stronger and wider bridge at lower costs and less inconvenience. Maintenance-friendly, sustainable and with a very long service life. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Or do you want a quick quote? Our advice team is ready for you.