Maarssenseweg Utrecht

Projectnummer: 11-001
Lengte: 6,55m
Breedte: 5,15m
Vrijeoverspanning: 6,55m
Klasse: VK30 fiets-, voet- en autoverkeer
Bouwjaar: 2011

On Thursday, July 21 NOS, the ‘Dutch BBC’, spent two minutes of its time to the sustainable and innovative aspects of composite bridges.

Besides the sustainability of the bridges, the NOS also pays attention to a specific project, the traffic bridge Maarssenseweg in Utrecht.

This reiterates the journalistic interest in innovative and sustainable nature of our products. FiberCore Europe was with its innovative technology, InfraCore Inside, previously awarded the innovation prize of the Infratech 2010, a nomination for the Building Holland Award 2010, the final round of the PRIMA Corporate Award 2011 and the election of the best three innovations of the AVK Innovation Award.

Maarssenseweg Utrecht
Utrecht Nederland