English translation (revised/modified) CUR96 published

Today the English translation of the modified CUR96 was presented in a seminar of Rijkswaterstaat, IABSE and CROW at the Construction Campus in Delft.

FiberCore Europe considered the appearance of the new recommendation CUR96:2017 “Fiber-reinforced plastics in structural and civil engineering support structures” last year as very valuable for designing and constructing the Netherlands. The English version is now also being added. The recommendation also proves that the Netherlands plays a leading role in Europe as a guide country for the use of FRP in construction and infrastructure. The thoroughly revised guideline shows that FRP material has now matured and has been fully accepted as a regular construction material, in addition to – and in collaboration with – wood, concrete and steel.

CUR96 is in line with Eurocode

The choice to align the directive with European standards (the Eurocodes) means that the directive provides many recognizable handles for clients to set requirements for FRP structures, while enabling the constructor to state-of-the-art design safe, robust and durable FRP structures. Designing with FRP materials has therefore become more accessible. The directive is seen as leading in Europe and seen as an important basis for the development of a new Eurocode standard for FRP, which is currently being worked on. With the CUR96 and the Eurocode, clients receive certainty. It is therefore also of international importance that the English version was published today. The demand from Europe for this version is high.

As market leader, FiberCore Europe has contributed to the realization of this recommendation. The recommendation provides insight into, among other things;

  • Material properties and factors, fitting within the Eurocodes
  • Design rules (do’s and don’s)
  • Production methods
  • Assessment methods and calculation rules
  • FRP own points for attention (consequences of damage, impact, visco-elastic material behavior, high strength vs. low stiffness, …)
  • Durability
  • Details
  • Connections (including adhesives)
  • Inspection and management

The CUR 96: 2017 rightly pays a lot of attention to the design criterion “robustness” of structures that are designed and manufactured with FRP material. This design risk is characteristic of most plate-shaped FRP structures.

No design risk with InfraCore® Inside technology

It is precisely this design risk that applies the InfraCore® Inside technology. With regard to structural safety, this guarantees adequate certainty – also in the long term. This extensively tested and proven technology (now more than 900 bridges, bridge decks and lock sections have been realized) prevents, among other things, structural failure due to fatigue and completely excludes the effects of delamination due to possible damage in combination with long-term loading. The initial load capacity remains fully guaranteed. Structures of FiberCore Europe are always executed with the InfraCore® Inside technology.

For more information about the modified CUR Recommendation or designing with FRP materials, please contact FiberCore Europe: +31 (0) 10 – 476 58 58 or info@fibercore-europe.com.

Order CUR96: 2019 Fiber-reinforced plastics in structural and civil engineering support structures.