First FRP ski bridge installed in Norway

NORWAY | TARALDRUD – Today a sustainable FRP ski bridge was installed in the Norwegian town of Taraldrud. The bridge connects the Police National Emergency Preparedness Center with the surrounding areas and can be used throughout the year without hindrance due to its width and unique properties.

The bridge is part of the newly to be built center for emergency services and would be executed in concrete according to the first plans. Client Ministry of Justice and contractor Skanska, however, opted for a sustainable and innovative solution; a lightweight, maintenance-free FRP bridge with a special and practical design from Nordic Office of Architecture.

The bridge was delivered and installed by Module Solutions & Systems (MSS) and produced by the Rotterdam-based FiberCore Europe (the Netherlands), where the bridge was prefabricated in-house after calculation by our own engineers. FiberCore has already produced hundreds of bicycle and heavy traffic bridges in the Netherlands and far beyond, but this is the first ski bridge.

FRP is ideal for the intended function of the ski bridge. The material is insensitive to external influences such as rot, rust, salts and extreme cold or heat. The prefab bridges are lightweight and therefore easy to transport and install. This 22-tonne bridge would have weighed about six times as much in a concrete version. The bridge is with a length of 20 meters and a width of 4 meters calculated on the load of half a meter of snow, plus the weight of a snowplow.

The eye-catching railing of the bridge serves several functions. The special plating on the inside of the ski bridge keeps the snow in place and prevents melt water from running on the underlying motorway. The special curved outer plates serves, apart from the aesthetic value, also for safety. The railing is modular design by FiberCore Europe and can be replaced quickly and easily in the event of damage.

Westdijk Transport transported the bridge by special transport by truck (and ferry) to Norway, where the bridge was be placed in no time with two light cranes and put into immediate use.

The FRP ski bridge is extremely robust and with a lifespan of more than 100 years also a sustainable solution.

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