FiberCore Europe takes 1000th FRP bridge in production

A special moment in the development of prefabricated FRP bridges: the 1000th prefabricated FRP bridge with InfraCore® Inside by FiberCore Europe (NL) has been ordered and will be located in the Municipality of Tholen (NL). The bridge is part of a project by Aquavia (part of KWS) from Sas van Gent (NL), in which three FRP bridges are placed. These are not the first FRP bridges for the Municipality of Tholen; FiberCore previously supplied four bridges. The bridge is expected to be placed this summer.

The bridge represents a milestone in the young history of FRP as a construction material for the construction of bridges. FiberCore was at the cradle of this revolutionary development.

Creating history

In 2007, FiberCore Europe installed the world’s first prefabricated FRP bridge in Dronten. With the development of the InfraCore® technology, FiberCore was able to supply high-quality constructions. The bridges are also sustainable, low-maintenance and will last at least 100 years. A milestone for FiberCore and the first step for the use of prefabricated FRP bridges in the construction and infrastructure sector, where people were introduced to the unique properties of these bridges.

1000 bridges: a milestone

Now, in 2020, FiberCore Europe has developed, designed and produced (more than) a thousand structures. Not only bridges and bridge decks, but also lock gates. Including the largest prefabricated FRP lock gates in the world in the Wilhelminakanaal near Tilburg (NL), commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch department of infrastructure). The longest prefabricated FRP bridges in the world also were produced in FiberCore’s factory. The Canadian bridges in Bruges (BE) currently hold the record for the longest prefabricated FRP bridge section in one piece (42 meters). The longest prefabricated FRP bridge (without intermediate supports, 37 meters) is across the Noord-Om in Gemert (NL). With each project, FiberCore took a step closer to the recognition of FRP as a building material in infrastructure.

Approved building material

FRP is now a recognized building material in (bridge) construction and infrastructure. FiberCore bridges with InfraCore® Inside are built to fit within the Eurocode and the CUR 96: 2019; the European standards for safe construction. The bridges are sustainable, maintenance-free and suitable for a circular economy; they are completely and easily repositionable. And that’s not a bad idea, with bridges that last more than 100 years.