Alkmaar | Klaas Bootpad | Brug 252

  • Project number: 15-184
  • Length: 12.5m
  • Width: 1.5m
  • Class: 5kN/m2
  • Construction year: 2015

Located on the Klaas Bootpad in the municipality of Alkmaar was the 30-year-old wooden pedestrian bridge which was due for replacement. The bridge made entirely of wood has been replaced by a low-maintenance bridge with concrete abutments and a FRP bridge deck with steel railings.

The design of the bridge was made by Sophia Engineering, after which the project went into effect on November 2, 2015. The old wooden pedestrian bridge has been dismantled and removed in such a way that damage was prevented. After the demolition of the bridge, the new abutments were realized, after which the FRP bridge deck (of 12 meters and 3.5 tonnes) was hoisted into place. Thanks to a perfect alignment of the abutments, the efforts for placing were minimal. The dimensions of the project have been continuously monitored, so no surprises have occurred.

Finally, the steel handrails have been attached to the abutments, the work site has been cleared and the new bridge has been handed over / delivered to the client on schedule and opened up to traffic.

Text: contractor K_Dekker bv