Eindhoven | Wilhelminakanaal | Fauna bridge

  • Project number: 19-379
  • Length: 36m
  • Width: 3.5m
  • Class: Eurocodes
  • Construction year: 2019

For the Municipality of Eindhoven, FiberCore Europe produced this special fauna passage made of composite. A striking statement in the landscape. A composite bridge was chosen here because of the many durable properties of the material, such as low weight, prefab delivery and quick installation, with minimal disruption to the environment.

In this article from the Eindhovens Dagblad you can read everything about the fauna bridge:

Rose fauna bridge over Beatrix canal Eindhoven floats to its place

EINDHOVEN – On Thursday morning the new composite fauna bridge was laid over the Beatrix canal at the Oirschotsedijk in Eindhoven with a huge crane. The pink passage of 29 tons floats over the treetops to its resting place on two concrete abutments. Decorated with oak planks, sawn from trees that had to give way to the construction of the Brainport Industries Campus and the widening of the Lansard.

The passage is intended for small animals such as salamanders, frogs, rabbits and other amphibians and small mammals that follow the ecological connecting zone along the Ekkersrijt stream. It is the first “stepping stone” on that route, the widening of the stream valley will follow later, say project leader Hendrik-Jan Vennix from the municipality of Eindhoven and Simon Dona, supervisor of the BIC. The zone connects Brainport Park around BIC with the Oirschotse Heide.,, Larger animals just swim across the canal, smaller animals can’t. A diver is now under the canal for this, but this bridge is a major improvement. This will strengthen the ecological connection zone, “says Vennix. To ensure that they can also reach the Ekkersrijt, passages are also laid under the double cycle path along the Beatrix canal. On the other hand, the extended Spottersweg to the A58 will be located at Best , part of the new road structure around Eindhoven Airport, where there are various underpasses for animals, a total of ten, large and small.

The bridge is a design by Juul Rameau from Eindhoven. But why is the passage for animals, in nature, pink? ,, I have been asked to design a new icon here, so it must stand out in green. But that color also refers to human activities in the area, such as the Slowlane cycle path that is red. Moreover, red / pink in nature is the color of danger, of warning. It is also a color that activates. With that I also make the connection between people and nature, as I try to do in all my works, “says Rameau.

The bridge is made of composite, a kind of plastic. This was chosen because the passage is much lighter that way. This means that a less heavy foundation for the abutments is needed. The material also lasts longer than wood. The span costs six tons, funded by the provincial grant from Allure’s landscape, an investment program for nature and landscape projects.

The passage will be completed in the coming weeks by a good connection with land on the bank. Stumps from trees that have been cleared before the BIC are also placed on the bridge to make the transition as natural as possible.

Also watch a video of the placement here.

Client: Municipality of Eindhoven
In collaboration with: Dura Vermeer, Ploegam BV & Juul Rameau