Thursday, October 4, 2018 – RDM Submarine Wharf Rotterdam

FiberCore Europe has been invited by Rijkswaterstaat to take part in the Innovation Expo 2018 on the Rotterdam RDM site. With the innovation SUREbridge we are part of the Road to the Future; the Rijkswaterstaat exhibition within this Living Lab. And we are proud of that!


Innovation Expo 2018
Global Challenges: Dutch Solutions

October 4, 2018 is the day, then the RDM Submarine Wharf in Rotterdam South will be transformed into one large Living Lab! Experience and view more than 150 innovations at the Innovation Expo, on the RDM site, the innovation hotspot in the port of Rotterdam.

Bringing innovations further, realizing breakthroughs and thus contributing to the societal challenges that we face in our country and in the world, that is the goal of the Innovation Expo 2018. With this biennial event, the government offers a platform to companies, knowledge institutions, social organizations and governments to bring innovations into the limelight of a broad national and international audience.

In addition to experiencing high-profile innovations, you will come into contact with the innovation network of investors, companies and policy makers during the IE2018. Be inspired by one of more than 40 sessions. Visit the interesting keynotes of Ahmed Aboutaleb, the Mayor of Rotterdam and Louise Fresco, chairman of the Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research.

Global Challenges
Innovation never stands alone, but is a prerequisite for progress. Never before have we known so well that we need innovation to keep our country safe, livable and accessible. On the IE2018, major societal challenges are central; in the whole world more and more people are moving to the city. That has drastically changed our way of living, working and living. The pressure on our environment is increasing. We want to counter – more than ever – scarcity by thinking differently about consumption and waste. Modern ways of living and working require a modern infrastructure. Climate change also requires innovation in dealing with water and energy. We are faced with the challenge to produce better food for more people with the same earth and to distribute it well.

Dutch Solutions
In the Netherlands we work together in national and international public-private partnerships. This interplay is part of the success formula. From the idea to a new product or service, ready for upscaling. Innovators, decision makers, policy makers, enablers and users work together on innovative solutions. Bring innovations further, realize breakthroughs and thus contribute to the societal challenges that we face in our country and in the world. That is the ambition of the IE2018 on 4 October.

SUstainable Refurbishment of Existing bridges

In the sixties and seventies of the last century thousands of concrete bridges were built in Europe, but many have suffered concrete damage due to concrete rot, heavy loads and the penetration of de-icing salts. Moreover, their capacity has become inadequate due to increased and heavier traffic. Approximately ten percent of all concrete constructions must be dealt with thoroughly in the next few years. Instead of demolishing these bridges and building a new one, SUREbridge provides a sustainable solution.

SUREbridge is one of the most important initiatives within Infravation; a partnership of ten European countries, the United States and the European Commission stimulates innovations to improve the infrastructure. The participants focus on developing new materials and techniques to modernize the highly outdated road infrastructure on both continents.

Rijkswaterstaat, FiberCore Europe, Chalmers University of Technology (Malmö-Sweden), AICE Consulting S.R.L. and University of Pisa have worked closely together in this project. FiberCore Europe can significantly increase the capacity and functionality of existing concrete bridges with the SUREbridge innovation using InfraCore® Inside technology. The service life is considerably extended, while hardly any maintenance is required. Old concrete constructions do not have to be demolished, there is less inconvenience for local residents and, in addition to the financial effects, important environmental benefits can be achieved. The technology underlies the composite bridge decks that FiberCore Europe has been producing for a number of years.

More on SUREbridge:

You're coming too, right?

The Innovation Expo 2018 will be open to visitors on October 4 from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. You can continuously enjoy a vibrant exhibition with interesting and surprising innovations. You can also participate in in-depth substantive sessions and there are interesting side events. There are also three keynote blocks during the day, which you can attend in the plenary gallery and through screens elsewhere on the Rotterdam RDM site.

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