FCE included in the prestigious FEMTech 25 2009

FCE wins Innovation prize Infratech 2010

With its patented InfraCore® Inside technology, FCE has been named the winner of the InfraTech Belgium Innovation Award 2010.

The jury was unanimous in its verdict, except for one vote. The price is not entirely unexpected. FiberCore Europe was recently included in the prestigious FEMTech 25.

An important argument of the jury was that FiberCore Europe succeeded in producing these composite structures for a price that is very competitive with concrete and steel, that work can be done quickly and that much less material is needed to build and install a bridge. InfraCore® Inside is suitable for the construction of bridges in all traffic classes, but also for lock gates, industrial floors and floating roads. The jury believes in the benefits and future perspectives of the InfraCore® technology. The jury also appealed to the economic and ecological benefits of the InfraCore®. A verdict from the jury that we are very proud of: “The FiberCore Europe bridge is the deserved winner because the light material provides a nice downsizing of the equipment needed with steel or concrete to build and build a bridge. without having to compromise on quality, capacity and service life. ”

InfraCore® technology has been specially developed for heavy-duty composite load-bearing structures and is marketed by FiberCore Europe. Around 30 bridges with InfraCore® Inside have now been built in the Netherlands.

The technology achieves a major trend change in construction and infrastructure. Building with this fiber-reinforced plastic is light, safe, fast, durable, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly, something that fits seamlessly with Sustainable Procurement. The material is 10 times stronger than steel and concrete, and also much lighter. This makes it possible to produce much larger constructions pre-fab. The material complies with all applicable TGB and NEN standards, and of course with the Eurocodes.