FCE wins Waterinnovatieprijs 2014

Project lock gates Tilburg awarded with Water Innovation Award

With the pioneering project in Tilburg, ‘the world’s largest lock gates made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic’, FiberCore Europe has been selected as the winner of the Dry Feet category from more than 130 entries.

Annemieke Nijhof, chairman of the jury and CEO of Tauw Group B.V., was particularly enthusiastic about the combination of the benefits of the product. “” A powerful and efficient innovation. A clear upscaling of a technique in the future. The quality of the product is high, it is sustainable and cost-conscious. Due to the size and the associated knowledge accumulation, it has potential for export. “” Said the jury report.

The project falls within the widening of the Wilhelminakanaal in Tilburg, whereby the Nieuwe Sluis III will be equipped with the largest composite lock gates in the world in mid-2015. Four doors measure 6.2 x 12.5 meters and the four smaller doors 6.2 x 5 meters. The doors turn a water height of over eight meters. The use of composite lock gates is a joint initiative of the province of Noord-Brabant, building combination Heijmans-Boskalis, construction company Hillebrand and Rijkswaterstaat.

Heijmans-Boskalis building combination acts as main contractor. The Hillebrand construction company is responsible for steel and movement work. FiberCore Europe and Heijmans, in collaboration with Konstruktiebedrijf Hillebrand, used glass fiber-reinforced plastic in the world’s largest lightweight bridge over the A27 motorway, with a glass-fiber-reinforced plastic driving deck with a length of 140 meters.

With this innovative application, the parties are working together on a more sustainable and more accessible Brabant by water. An additional novelty is the installation of a jack turbine, which generates electricity for around 250 households through hydropower.

The Union of Water Boards annually awards the Water Innovation Prize to the most innovative and eye-catching water projects. This year prizes were awarded in the “Dry Feet”, “Enough Water”, “Clean Water” and “Space for Innovation” categories. The floodgate project of FiberCore Europe participated in the “Dry Feet” category. Within this category, safety in particular is an important aspect. In terms of strength, durability and service life, composite is superior.

The victory is another recognition for FiberCore Europe’s InfraCore Inside technology and specifically its application in wet infrastructure. Earlier there were nominations for the Innovation Award Building Holland, the Prima Ondernemen Award and the WNF Clean Tech Star Award. In addition, with its technology and products, FCE was named the winner of the AVK Innovations Preis 2011, the InfraTech Belgium Innovation Award 2012, the HalfTime Innovation Award 2013 and the company was included in the prestigious FEMTech 25.