Quality policy

FiberCore Europe B.V. is the world’s expert manufacturer of fiber-reinforced load-bearing structures for both architecture and infrastructure. In a short time, composite load-bearing structures have caused a revolution in the construction industry. Composites can be manufactured in a short time, are light-weight, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly.

FiberCore Europe is thereby applying aerospace technology in the civil engineering sector. Located in Rotterdam, FiberCore Europe is operating both a production and an engineering department. This logical link between engineering and production is the basis for the superior quality of its products. Combining engineering and high-quality production processes, the company is based near direct access to open water, enabling the manufacturing of large-size fibre-reinforced composite structures that exceed normal road transportation possibilities.

FiberCore Europe has produced a significant number of InfraCore® Inside bridges in The Netherlands, including the largest fiber reinforced lock gates in the world.

All structures produced by FiberCore Europe meet applicable national and international standards.

FiberCore Europe wishes to emanate an image of and act as an organisation that strives at all times towards quality, continuity and satisfied customers. This is a valuable operation, regarding the company’s growing ambitions. While doing this, they meet the applicable legislation. FiberCore Europe has set up a management system to help realise this. The management system secures all crucial moments in the field of quality. In addition, this management system meets the NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 requirements so that application of this management system can be verified and confirmed by independent parties. The scope of the management system is: “the sales, development, production and delivery of load-bearing fibre reinforced polymer structures, in planar or curved panellised form” (in Dutch: “De verkoop, ontwikkeling, fabricage en levering van dragende constructies van vezelversterkte kunststof, in de vorm van vlakke of gebogen panelen.”). Location is Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The management system ensures that all agreements made with customers and suppliers can be met. An important aspect of the management system is to strive continuously and systematically to achieve improvements in the field of quality. These improvements can be initiated as a result of a good internal meeting structure, regular internal audits, evaluations with customers and an annual review of the management system.

The General Manager of FiberCore Europe is responsible for the set-up and implementation of the management system. Once a year a number of objectives, bases on the IM (‘investeringsmemorandum’) are formed. Objectives themes are focusing on continuity, quality and customer satisfaction. These objectives are worked out, followed up on and adjusted wherever necessary. In addition, he takes all possible measures to carry out the policy and to ensure that this policy is communicated to, and understood, endorsed and propagated by all employees. Each employee carries the responsibility for meeting all agreements laid down in the management system.

The General Manager will function as the management representative. The Quality Manager carries out the administration of the management system. The Quality Manager is responsible for maintaining the management system, organizing the internal audits and reporting to the management representative.

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