Meet GP, our agent for North Germany

GP Hoch- und Ingenieurbau GmbH is active in the fields of:

  • Civil engineering and infrastructure construction
  • Building construction
  • Lock construction
  • Industrial construction

In the field of civil engineering and infrastructure construction, we plan the execution of projects and then carry them out.
In doing so, we often develop alternative solutions to the draft tenders. In the area of pedestrian and cycle bridges, as an alternative to the conventional types of construction, we carry out FRP composite bridges, supplied by FiberCore Europe. The clients benefit from the low lifecycle costs of the FRP bridges, their long service life and the low maintenance costs. Particular advantages are the low weights of thebridges, which are produced entirely in the factory under optimum boundary conditions, resulting in extremely short production times onsite and minimal impact on the surroundings, both in inner-city areas and in inaccessible areas.

“The collaboration between FiberCore and GP Hoch – und Ingenieurbau brings the benefits of local market knowledge and high-quality workshop manufacturing with extremely durable and cost-effective products to the customer.”

Theo Gottschalk, Managing Director

Projects by our agents


Are you based in Germany and are you interested in a FiberCore Europe composite bridge with InfraCore® Inside? Visit the GP website and contact them directly.