Have bridge installed

Have you produced a FRP bridge with FiberCore Europe? And would you like us not only to deliver this bridge to the construction site, but also to install it completely? No problem; we (and our international partners and agents) are happy to do. In doing so, we naturally advise you in advance about the foundation required for trouble-free use of our bridge.

Apply foundation

We make the bridge prefab in our own factory in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). We then bring the construction directly to the construction site. Here we put the bridge in its place. Because our bridges are so light (and yet extremely strong), a light foundation is usually sufficient. We can provide this foundation for you.

Also heavier foundations with piles

As said: a light foundation is almost always sufficient. Is a heavier foundation required for soil conditions, for example with piles? We can also take care of that for you. We do this in close cooperation with our partners and agents.

Contact us about the options

Do you want us to produce a bridge? And do you find it convenient that we also carry out the entire placement and/or montage?