Bicycle and pedestrian bridges

FiberCore Bicycle and pedestrian bridges made of sustainable FRP. With a wear surface that we give a guarantee on. Choose a standard bridge or a custom design. Practically maintenance-free.

Traffic bridges

Extremely strong FiberCore Traffic bridges for the highest classes in traffic. Lightweight, ultra-strong and practically maintenance-free. Great freedom of form. Various colors and qualities of wear surfaces.

Movable traffic bridges

Our movable FiberCore Traffic Bridges are lighter than steel. And much stronger! A lighter construction is therefore sufficient.

Golf bridges

A FRP FiberCore Golf bridge is the ideal alternative to wood. Quick to install with minimal inconvenience. No foundation necessary. With a guarantee on the wear surface.

Harbor bridges

Low-maintenance FiberCore Harbor bridge. Extremely strong, lightweight and highly sustainable. Preservation no longer needed. Discover the custom options.


Renovation of dated concrete bridge structures with SUREbridge. Unique method for maintaining, strengthening and widening the existing bridge. Developed in a European collaboration.

Lock gates

Are you looking for a low-maintenance alternative to traditional lock gates? Then definitely choose FRP lock gates. These cannot rust and rot. The ultra-light weight and the prefab construction ensure Nuisance-Free Building. Very favorable EMVI score.

Customized or standardized bicycle bridges

Did you know that in addition to our customized bicycle / pedestrian bridges we can also deliver the new standard bridge quickly and cost-effectively? Read more about it: