Custom bicycle and pedestrian bridges

Bicycle bridges are eye-catchers in residential and rural areas. Beautiful designs contribute to atmosphere and appearance. Do you have a unique design? Then our engineers and constructors make this bridge. We deliver the bridge completely prefab, with handrail and wear layer. The bridge is quick and easy to install, with minimal disruption to the environment.

Design freedom

FiberCore Europe is the inventor of extremely strong FRP bridges with InfraCore® Inside. We can make almost any bridge, even if the shape is different than usual. That is because FRP has great freedom of form. Just imagine the options that gives you. Even when it comes to RAL colors, types of handrails and wear surfaces. We can execute the bridge with LEDs in the railing. Just to mention something. Feel free to challenge us.

We deliver the bridge in the color and quality wear surface that you want. The wear layer is applied by our certified employees. We provide a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on the wear surface.

A light foundation is sufficient

We make your custom bicycle and pedestrian bridge in our own factory in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). We then transport this prefab to the location. Here the bridge is put in place in one go, with minimal disruption to the environment. Because our bridges are so light (and yet extremely strong), a light foundation is usually sufficient. That saves work, nuisance and costs. If required, we also take care of the complete montage of the bridge.

Very low maintenance

Like all our bridges, our custom bicycle and pedestrian bridges hardly need any maintenance. That has everything to do with the material. FiberCore FRP bridges with InfraCore® Inside are resistant to moisture and corrosion, UV and temperature changes. The material is also resistant to vandalism. Graffiti and burn spots are easy to remove at a low cost. So you don’t need to worry about that.

Long service life: more than 100 years

A FiberCore Europe bridge will last more than 100 years without any problems. That is because our bridges are equipped with InfraCore® Inside. This patented construction is extremely strong, with no risk of fatigue or corrosion.

Our projects

In The Netherlands, Europe and far beyond you will now find more than 1000 bridges and numerous lock gates produced by FiberCore Europe. From bicycle bridge in the residential area to the world’s longest bridge span. And from a harbor bridge in the Port of Rotterdam to the world’s largest FRP lock gates. And we are proud of that!

Have a custom bridge made? Get in contact

Do you want to have a custom bridge made? Then opt for a FiberCore Europe bicycle and pedestrian bridge. Extremely strong, low-maintenance and durable. Placing the bridge is easy. Do you want to know more about the options? Or do you want a quick quote?