Movable traffic bridges made from FRP

In need of a movable traffic bridge that is ready for the future? FiberCore Europe is the inventor of the extremely strong FRP traffic bridge; both fixed and movable. Lightweight and yet extremely strong. A movable bridge from FiberCore Europe will last more than 100 years.

Very strong

A FiberCore Europe bridge is extremely strong. This thanks to our patented InfraCore® technology. Thanks to the development of this technology, we realize extremely robust bridges, without internal bonding or bolted connections. Our bridges retain their strength and sturdiness. Our bridges last more than 100 years, without the risk of fatigue or corrosion.

Prefab construction in own factory

We build every bridge in our own factory in Rotterdam. We transport our bridges prefab to the construction site. We manufacture large formats in parts. These parts can then be linked to each other in the work without limitation.

Lightweight, so easy to install

Placing the bridge is quick and easy. With light traffic bridges, a light foundation is usually sufficient, even in soft soil. Thanks to the light construction, the pilons can be hidden in the hydraulic lifting mechanism. And the counterweight in the bridge deck itself. If required, we also take care of the complete assembly of the bridge. The bridge is easy to install, even after prolonged use.

Very low-maintenance and resistant to vandalism

FRP has many more advantages. The material is insensitive to mold and moisture, UV and temperature changes. A FiberCore bridge therefore retains its shape. Maintenance is hardly necessary. Our bridges are resistant to practically all forms of vandalism, such as graffiti and fire. Such traces can be repaired quickly. So with a FiberCore bridge, you can reduce maintenance costs.

Sustainable solutions

Our bridges last a very long time (more than 100 years) and can easily be replaced. Moreover, fewer transport movements are required for the placement of the bridge, which has a favorable effect on CO2 emissions. More about sustainability

Bridge renovation

We regularly carry out a bridge renovation with a FiberCore bridge deck. Thanks to the low own weight, the existing construction is less stressed. This prevents, among other things, fatigue and is favorable for the lifespan of the total bridge. Thanks to the prefab construction, placing the bridge deck takes little time to use the bridge again quickly.

The bridge deck from FiberCore Europe is available in all sizes and complies with Eurocodes. The wear surface is available in various colors and qualities. Of course you get a guarantee on both the bridge deck and the wear surface.

Our projects

In The Netherlands, Europe and far beyond you will now find more than 1400 bridges and numerous lock gates produced by FiberCore Europe. From bicycle bridge in the residential area to the world’s longest bridge span. And from a harbor bridge in the Port of Rotterdam to the world’s largest composite lock gates. And we are proud of that!

Movable traffic bridge of the future? Get in contact

Are you looking for a movable traffic bridge that is ready for the future? We are happy to build this for you. Extremely strong, low-maintenance and sustainable. Do you want to know more about the options? Or do you want a quick quote?

Our secret? InfraCore® Inside

You can fully rely on our bridges. They are extremely strong. This thanks to our unique InfraCore® technology. We developed this technology specifically for building extremely robust panels, without internal gluing or bolted connections. The InfraCore® technology is based on the principle that there is a continuous structural connection of glass fibers between the top and bottom of the construction. This prevents delamination and ensures that our bridges retain their strength and solidity. Even after many decades. Even after 100 years.