Hardenberg | SUREbridge bridge renovation | Pilot

  • Project number: 20-489
  • Length: 19m
  • Width: 4.9m
  • Class: Eurocodes
  • Construction year: 2021
  • Client: Gemeente Hardenberg
  • In cooperation with: Strukton Civiel Noord Oost | Van Heteren | Nepocon

The bridge on the Toeslagweg over the Radewijkerbeek in Hardenberg (NL) is due for major maintenance/replacement. The municipality of Hardenberg has decided to be the first client in the Netherlands (and the world) to reconstruct the existing bridge in the Toeslagweg using the innovative SUREbridge method. The municipality of Hardenberg is carrying out the reconstruction of the bridge in a construction team, which includes the parties Van Heteren Weg- en Waterbouw (main contractor), the engineering firm Nepocon, FiberCore Europe and Strukton Civiel Noord Oost.

That’s why SUREbridge

The SUREbridge method offers the solution for fast, sustainable and cost-efficient renovation of concrete bridges. The existing construction is strengthened and – if desired – widened by mounting a prefab composite panel with InfraCore® Inside on it. This allows the bridge to last up to 50 years, with minimal maintenance. The bridge is reinforced by a factor of 2 to 2.5 by using the method, in a construction time of only 6 weeks. And because the construction does not have to be demolished, this saves time, nuisance and transport; a major environmental benefit. Substantial savings are also made on costs; up to 50% compared to demolition and new construction. After applying the SUREbridge method, the bridge is completely futureproof again!