Our core values

When implementing our company policy, we use a clear line of conduct and we present ourselves in a clear, unambiguous manner. Our line of conduct describes briefly and forcefully what we do and how we deal with stakeholders.

Important in this is “we”:
We are FiberCore Europe

We at FiberCore Europe do everything together: together as colleagues, together with our customers, partners and suppliers and together with other stakeholders.

Core values ​​are included in our code of conduct. It is important for us that we comply with agreements and are therefore a reliable partner.


We produce and (in some cases) install our own products. The starting point is that all work must be carried out safely. Hereby we not only meet the legal requirements but also:

  • prevent any form of personal injury and damage to people’s health;
  • prevent adverse consequences for the environment and damage to property of ourselves or others;
  • ensures that the business processes run smoothly and continuously improve
  • In short: we work safely or we don’t work.


We consider quality to be of paramount importance. This is not only reflected in high-quality products that last a lifetime. There is continuous process improvement in the company based on good internal quality and process control.

We communicate transparently with stakeholders about these processes and comply with agreements and contractual obligations in such a way that we meet their expectations.

We have the quality and safety of our processes audited by external parties according to our ISO-9001 and VCA ** certificate.

CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

We treat people and the environment responsibly. We offer opportunities for employees from outside the Netherlands. We work closely with research institutions, offer internship and graduation opportunities and organize knowledge meetings for various educational levels.

In addition, our products contribute – among other things – with their simple means of transport and assembly, long service life and low CO2 emissions to the viability of our environment and accessibility of cities. Our products fit perfectly within the current frameworks with regard to circularity.


With our innovative technology we have put fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP or composite) on the map. Innovation is in the DNA of our company. Composite has thus become a mature construction material in the civilian sector, in addition to concrete, steel and wood. Innovation shows itself not only in our InfraCore® Inside technology, but also in the solutions that we are always able to present to the market. Our contribution to the SUREbridge method is a striking example of this.

We work together with renowned partners in both the private and public sectors, in particular educational institutions (KU Leuven, Chalmers in Gothenburg, Windesheim Academy in Zwolle and TU Delft).