The history of FiberCore Europe

In 1995, Jan Peeters developed the first publicly accessible FRP bridge in Europe in Harlingen from his engineering agency Composites Team bv. He did this together with Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management). In 2008 he founded FiberCore Europe together with Simon de Jong. Since then we have already realized more than 1000 FiberCore bridges, lock gates and bridge decks. In the Netherlands, Europe and far beyond.

The history of FiberCore Europe in outline:

Revolutionary construction method with FRP

In the 1990s, hundreds of FRP bridges and bridge decks were realized in the United States in a short time. But these constructions showed serious problems within a few years. The most important structural problems: delamination, detachment and cracking. These problems come to light through fatigue after impact.

Jan Peeters did not accept this. He would and he had to find the solution. He resigned from the Plastics and Rubber Institute of TNO and focused entirely on developing a revolutionary construction method with FRP. Because Jan recognized that FRP is in many ways a superior material compared to concrete, wood and steel. But also that the application of this fantastic material in heavy-duty structures required extra attention.

2008: establishment of FiberCore Europe

It took almost 10 years for Jan Peeters’ inventions to be ready for use in infrastructure. In 2008 he presented the solution: InfraCore® technology. In the same year he founded FiberCore Europe together with Simon de Jong. An important moment was a full-scale study that showed that after a serious impact the InfraCore® technology does not show any fatigue or other structural failure for a hundred years.

2015: the big breakthrough

Since then FiberCore Europe has grown rapidly. The company occupied numerous patent positions in both technology and production. 2015 was the year of the major breakthrough, with over 140% growth. In the same year, FiberCore Europe produced 5 moving traffic bridges and 8 lock gates in the Wilhelminakanaal in Tilburg. After years of investment, the acceptance of the InfraCore® technology in the civil infrastructure is a fact.

2018: new management

Jan Peeters and Simon de Jong transferred the management of FiberCore Europe to Jan Kroon in 2018. They focus on further professionalising the company and on ambitious (international) growth.

2015: InfraCore Company

There is also interest in other market segments for the InfraCore® technology. Think of offshore, non-residential construction, shipbuilding and aerospace. That is why InfraCore Company was founded at the end of 2015. Based on the convincing track record in infrastructure, the founders of FiberCore Europe concentrate within this high-tech engineering firm on new applications with the InfraCore® technology. The focus is on the combination of four powerful properties: robustness and fatigue resistance, thermal insulation, blast resistance and fire resistance.

There is also increasing interest from science in the InfraCore® technology. Research is being done into the properties of the InfraCore® Inside technology at various universities and colleges in the Netherlands and abroad. From the InfraCore Institute, this research is coordinated and young people can start using it.

Creating history

Harder, better, faster, stronger. The ‘theme song’ of our corporate story promo 2018/2019. It fits us perfectly. We wrote history, but we continue to innovate. Our mission: FRP worldwide # 1! View two promos here that show our development nicely (tip: sound on):

FiberCore Europe 2019

InfraCore 2014

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