Management and maintenance of (FRP) bridges

Of course, FRP is low in maintenance. This is especially true for our bridges with InfraCore® Inside technology. However, maintenance may be necessary in the longer term. Consider the handrail or the wear layer. We also repair damage to the bridge, with knowledge of the material.

Bridge management

Does your bridge need maintenance? Are you in doubt about the state of one or more bridges? Then contact FiberCore Europe or your local agent. As a specialist in FRP bridges, we have the knowledge and expertise. We maintain both our own bridges and FRP bridges from other suppliers.

FiberCore bridges: extremely strong and practically maintenance-free

FiberCore Europe is the inventor of extremely strong composite bridges and bridge decks with InfraCore® Inside technology. Our constructions are extremely strong, with no risk of fatigue or corrosion. The material is insensitive to mold and moisture, UV and temperature changes. Also nice: a FiberCore Europe bridge is resistant to all forms of vandalism, such as graffiti and fire.

Inspection of all types of bridges

We inspect all types of bridges. Both bicycle / pedestrian bridges and fixed and movable traffic bridges. And both harbor bridges and golf bridges. Whether it is bridges of wood, concrete, steel or FRP. We examine the condition of the structural components and advise on the measures that are required.

Bridge renovation

Is a new bridge deck needed? Then we can take care of that for you. Our FRP bridge decks are extremely strong and ultra-light. Renovation is therefore perfectly possible on the existing structure. The bridge retains its strength or becomes even stronger. Read more about bridge renovation

Renovation of concrete bridges

Is it a concrete bridge? With our pioneering SUREbridge method, we are also renovating these bridges quickly and efficiently. The existing structure is retained and even strengthened. The result: a renewed construction that requires hardly any maintenance. The service life is considerably extended; up to 100 years.

Also opt for management and maintenance by FiberCore Europe

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