Bridge renovation

Is a bridge in urgent need of renovation? We replace the old bridge deck quickly, well and cost-effectively with a FRP bridge deck with InfraCore® Inside technology. This technology prevents delamination and ensures that our bridges retain their strength and strength. The bridge can be quickly used again and will last up to 100 years.

Renovation wooden bridge deck

We regularly carry out bridge deck renovation with a FiberCore bridge deck. Thanks to the low net weight, the new bridge deck is lighter than the old wooden or steel deck. As a result, the underlying construction does not have to be adjusted.

After installing a FRP bridge deck, the underlying steel structure is less likely to be affected by the rainwater. Because unlike wooden planks, the FRP deck does not let water through. This saves maintenance on the steel construction. Incidentally, the steel is usually preserved again during renovation.

The bridge deck from FiberCore Europe is available in all sizes and complies with Eurocodes. The wear layer is available in various colors and qualities. Of course you get a guarantee on both the bridge deck and the wear layer.

Renovation of concrete bridges with SUREbridge

Our pioneering SUREbridge method prevents the demolition and rebuilding of concrete bridges. While maintaining the construction, we can technically upgrade the bridge. We do this in a short time, with minimal traffic and noise nuisance. The existing structure is retained and even strengthened. The result: a renewed construction that requires hardly any maintenance. The service life is considerably extended; up to 100 years. More about SUREbridge

Prefab delivery, fast installation

We produce the new bridge deck prefab in our own factory in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). We then transport this directly to construction sites worldwide. Here we install the new bridge deck quickly, with minimal disruption to the environment. If you wish, we can also take care of the complete montage of the bridge with our international partners and agents.

Want to know more about renovation of bridges? Get in contact

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