Rijswijk | RijswijkBuiten

  • Project number: 15-150
  • Length: To 11.3m
  • Width: To 2.8m
  • Class: 5kN/m2 + service vehicle
  • Construction year: 2015-2018

2018 – The 1000th house was recently delivered in the Rijswijk Buiten new-build housing development, a new-build development between Rijswijk and Delft in which themes such as sustainability, innovation and future-proofing are paramount. FiberCore Europe supplied various prefab FRP bicycle / pedestrian bridges for this plan, which optimally match this aim. The bridges supplied have an elegant appearance, are designed for a minimum lifespan of 100 years and require hardly any maintenance.

Our IFDH bridges are Industrial (manufactured in our factory in Rotterdam), Flexible (freedom of shape: almost any shape and size is possible), Dismountable and Reusable (easy assembly and disassembly, easy to move and reusable). A sustainable solution! FiberCore Europe has now supplied more than 800 bridges and is therefore the leader in the Infrastructure sector.