Our precast composite decks are ideally suited for the renovation of bridge decks. They are virtually maintenance-free and impervious to external influences.

Minimal disruption and inconvenience

We are replacing the old bridge deck with a composite bridge deck with InfraCore® Inside with minimal disruption and inconvenience to the surrounding area. The bridge is quickly usable again and will last up to 100 years. Thanks to the prefabricated construction, the bridge deck is quick to install and the bridge is thus quickly usable again.

Highly durable solution

Demolishing a bridge is never a sustainable solution. Give your bridge a second life with a widening or upgrade with our composite solutions. Fewer transport movements are required to install the bridge, which has a beneficial impact on CO2 emissions.

More on sustainability.

Composite traffic decks

Spans > 1 to 3 meters between beams

Length > to 25 meters

Width > linkable, usually 3m and max 10m per section

Design requirements > according to Eurocodes/CUR96

Traffic class > LM1 + LM2, LM3 optional

Less maintenance on steel structure

Thanks to its low deadweight, the new bridge deck is lighter than the old wooden or steel deck. As a result, the underlying structure does not have to be modified or weighted, which is the case with concrete, for example.

After installing a composite bridge deck, the underlying steel structure is less likely to be affected by oil, rainwater and de-icing salts. Because unlike wooden planks, the composite deck does not allow liquids to pass through. This saves maintenance on the steel structure (in the long run).

Featured project:
Renovation bridge over the Miljoenenlijntje | Kerkrade

For the Municipality of Kerkrade, FiberCore Europe renovated the historic bridge over the Miljoenenlijn in Kerkrade, while maintaining its visual quality.

Renovation of bridges made of concrete | SUREbridge

SUREbridge prevents demolition and rebuilding of concrete bridges. While preserving the structure, we can technically upgrade the bridge. We do this in a short time, with minimal traffic and noise disruption. The existing structure is preserved and even reinforced. The result: a renewed structure that requires little or no maintenance. The lifespan is extended considerably; up to 100 years. Read more about this sustainable solution.

Our renovation projects

Also choose bridge renovation with a composite bridge deck

Are you wondering if your bridge is renovable, widenable or upgradeable? Various options exist for connecting composite deck to the steel structure. Our skilled team of engineers will not shy away from any challenge. Feel free to contact us. If desired, we also provide the complete assembly of the bridge widening.