We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and quality control, ensuring that every bridge we install meets your exact specifications. We are also committed to providing the highest level of safety and ensuring that the bridge is installed correctly and safely.

Easy assembly of bridges

For us, the assembly of a bridge is no problem at all. We give you detailed advice on the right foundation needed for trouble-free use of our bridges, as they are lightweight yet incredibly strong.

Prefabrication and delivery

Your bridge will be prefabricated in our Rotterdam plant before being transported to the construction site. The light foundation required for the bridge can be installed by us, or if the soil conditions require a heavier foundation with piles, we will coordinate this with established partners under our supervision and responsibility.

Want to know more about the possibilities?

Would you like us to produce a bridge? And do you find it convenient that we also perform the complete placement and/or assembly? Then please contact us about the possibilities.