A hybrid solution of a steel structure with a precast composite bridge deck is, in many cases, a golden combination. Bridges with a load-bearing steel structure were traditionally provided with a wooden bridge deck. This construction method has many disadvantages. The wooden deck is susceptible to rot and requires a lot of maintenance. The lifespan of a wooden deck is relatively short. The underlying steel bridge structure is damaged by permeated fluids. Think rain, de-icing salts and oil. A composite bridge deck from FiberCore Europe offers the solution.

Minimal traffic disruption

We install a bridge deck with minimal disruption and inconvenience to the surrounding area. Thanks to the prefabricated construction, the bridge is quick to install and thus ready for use quickly. Due to the light weight of the bridge decks, only a light crane is needed for this purpose. Also, the prefabricated decks can be transported stacked; this is beneficial for CO2 emissions. In addition, our InfraCore® technology prevents delamination and ensures that our durable bridges retain their strength and sturdiness. The bridge is quickly reusable and lasts up to 100 years.

Wondering what all we can do for you?

Bridge decks with composite

Span > up to 3 meters between beams

Width > maximum 10 meters per section

Weight > 120 - 180 kg/m2

Load > LM1 + LM2, LM3 optionally available

Design constraints > much is possible, challenge us

Traffic class > according to Eurocodes/CUR96

New construction and renovation

Our composite bridge decks can be combined with steel, wood or concrete in many ways. Whether it is the widening of an existing bridge, renovation of an outdated bridge deck or new construction of a long span. But also consider renovation of concrete bridges with SUREbridge. This method is also excellent for a movable bridge.

Our projects with composite bridge decks

Also choose a hybrid solution

Also choose a lightweight, maintenance-free bridge deck for new construction or renovation. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Or would you like a quick quote? Our consulting team is ready for you.