The solution to delamination in composite

InfraCore® technology is unique in the composites world because of its superior robust properties, this technolgy is as yet the only technology that offers a solution to the delamination problem. Composite bridges are typically designed based on stiffness requirements, and therefore have a large excess capacity on strength. The strength of the structure comes entirely from the fibers, which are inherently stronger than steel. Thus, under normal use, no damage will occur.

For unintended use, think vandalism or overloading of overweight vehicles, damage can occur. In traditional composite structures, this damage can grow indefinitely without being visible, allowing total failure to occur without warning.
By using the correct, patented, internal construction design, the continuous fibers from the lower to upper skin, the structure exhibits plastic failure behavior, meaning that any damage is visible and action can be taken in time.

Therefore, InfraCore® Inside is always composite, but not all composite is InfraCore® Inside.

Tested for load, damage and fatigue

InfraCore® technology has been extensively tested on various aspects, demonstrating robustness against impact and favorable fatigue properties. All structures with InfraCore Inside comply with CUR96 and Eurocodes.

Discover our sustainable constructions with InfraCore® Inside

Since 2008, we have already realized more than 1,500 precast structures with InfraCore® Inside. Bridges, lock gates and bridge decks. In the Netherlands, Europe and far beyond. And would you like to know more about the possibilities? Or would you like a quick quotation? Our consulting team is ready for you.