What is composite?

Composite is fiber reinforced plastic (FRP). Composite is a material composed of two or more separate elements that together form a stronger and more durable material than the individual components. The most common combination used in composite materials is fiber-reinforced plastic, which consists of long fibers embedded in a resin matrix. The fibers give the material its strength and stability, while the resin binds everything together and provides a beautiful finish. This combination makes composite an ideal material with unique properties for bridge construction because it is light, strong, durable and low maintenance.

Material advantages

Composite bridges from FiberCore Europe offer a host of advantages over traditional bridge construction materials. Composite is not only a lightweight alternative that requires minimal foundation, but also has a longer lifespan. Composite is impervious to mold, moisture and UV rays, eliminating the need for costly repairs due to rot or rust. Composite is also resistant to vandalism such as graffiti and fire.The material is highly durable and virtually maintenance-free. And thanks to the invention of our InfraCore® technology, FiberCore bridges, lock gates and bridge decks are also extremely strong.


Composite is lightweight. We prefabricate the structure in our own factory in Rotterdam and then transport it to the construction site. Here we place the structure in a very short time. If the work is properly prepared, we can place a bridge within an hour, with minimal inconvenience to the surrounding area. Thanks to its light weight, a light foundation is sufficient.

Practically maintenance free

Composite is impervious to mold and moisture. And thus cannot rot or rust. UV rays and temperature changes do not affect composite either. Pleasant is also that the material is resistant to all forms of vandalism. Such as graffiti and fire. Repair costs are very low.

Robust & safe

Our constructions are very robust. This is thanks to our patented InfraCore® technology. Research shows that composite constructions with InfraCore® Inside are stronger than constructions of concrete, wood and steel. Without any chance of fatigue or corrosion. All constructions with InfraCore® Inside comply with CUR 96 and Eurocodes.

Sustainable & circular

We only have one earth. And we have to take care of it. With our constructions, we therefore want to contribute to making the infrastructure market more sustainable. FiberCore Europe's composite bridges and lock gates last a very long time: more than 100 years. Thanks to the smart prefab construction and the light weight, the bridge is easy to relocate.

Want to know what our composite applications can do for you?

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