Do you need one or more lot bridges? Our standard composite lot bridge is quick to deliver and install and is available in several standard sizes. Or choose the freedom of customization. Do you have a unique design? We can make virtually any bridge.

Bridges with widened driveways

Bridges with awkward entry angles can be provided with a widened entry, or cantilever. On one or two sides. This allows you to easily drive onto your lot. The freedom of form of composite makes this easy to achieve.

Standard lot bridges

Spans > 1 to 15 meters

Width > to 6 meters

Weight excl. handrail > 90 to 165 kg/m2

Elongation > possible in every corner, radius up to 100 cm

Delivery time > if not in stock, within 10 weeks

Our secret? InfraCore® Inside technology

Our bridges are made with fiber-reinforced plastics, or composites. This is thanks to our patented InfraCore® technology. You can rest assured that the bridge is and remains safe. Also because composite retains its shape and strength after years of use.

Our lot bridges

Also choose maintenance-free and durable

With a FiberCore Europe lot bridge, you are choosing an extremely strong, practically maintenance-free and durable product. You have virtually nothing to worry about. Do you think this is an interesting idea? And would you like to know more about the possibilities? Or would you like a quick quotation? Our advisory team is ready for you.