FiberCore composite bridge decks are made of lightweight composite. This makes them extremely suitable for installation on an existing bridge. We do this by mounting steel girders (consoles) to the existing bridge and placing our prefab composite bridge decks on them. After mounting vehicle restraint or railing, the bridge is ready for use. The composite bridge decks can span multiple fields due to their slim and lightweight design.

Widening the bridge structure

Our skilled team of engineers rises to no challenge. Are you curious if your bridge can be renovated, widened or upgraded? Feel free to contact us. If desired, we can also take care of the complete assembly of the bridge widening.

Highly durable solution

Demolishing a bridge is never a sustainable solution. Give your bridge a second life with a widening or upgrade with our composite solutions. Thanks to the low dead weight, minimal maintenance and long life of the material, you are choosing a sustainable solution. In addition, fewer transport movements are required to install the bridge, which has a favorable impact onCO2 emissions.

Easy to install with little inconvenience

The traditional method of bridge construction and renovation causes quite a bit of inconvenience to the surrounding area. You want to get rid of that, of course. And you can! Because we build every bridge in our own factory. We deliver the structure prefabricated to the construction site. Here we lift the bridge into place in one go.

Low maintenance and dirt-resistant

A composite bridge deck is virtually maintenance-free. That's because composite is impervious to mold and moisture. And resistant to UV radiation and extreme temperature changes. The material retains its shape retention and strength. Composite can withstand virtually all forms of vandalism, such as graffiti and fire. Such marks can be quickly repaired.

Also choose bridge widening with a composite deck

Would you like more insight on bridge widening options? Or would you like a quick quote? Our consulting team is ready to assist you.