Our composite bicycle and pedestrian bridges can be delivered quickly. We build the bridge in our own factory in Rotterdam and transport it in one go to the site where we put it directly into place. The assembly is quick and easy, with minimal inconvenience to the surrounding area. If necessary, the bridge can be used the same day.

Various standard sizes and finishes

The standard bicycle and pedestrian bridge is available in lengths from 6 to 27 meters and up to 6 meters wide. With ultra sleek and modern as well as classic or country design and in various colors and finishes.

Standard composite bicycle bridges

Spans > 6 to 27 meters

Width > 1 to 6 meters

Weight excl. handrail > 90 to 165 kg/m2

Delivery time > if not in stock, within 10 weeks

Design requirements > according to Eurocodes/CUR96

Traffic class >
Light traffic class + service vehicle 5 tons + unintentional 12 tons
Light traffic class + service vehicle 15 tons + unintentional 30 tons
Light traffic class + service vehicle 30 tons + unintentional 60 tons

Custom composite bridges

A bridge can be a real eye-catcher in a neighborhood and in the landscape. Beautiful designs contribute to the atmosphere and appearance of public spaces. Do you have a unique design? Then our engineers and constructors will be happy to make this (new) bridge for you. Composite offers a lot of freedom of form and therefore we can make almost anything. Even when it comes to RAL colors, wear layers and types of handrails. We can even equip the bridge with LEDs in the handrail. Just to name one thing.

Our bicycle bridges

Also choose maintenance-free and durable

Also choose a composite bridge with a very long lifespan and low maintenance requirements. You - unlike a wooden bridge - have virtually no worries about it. Do you think this is an interesting idea? And would you like to know more about the possibilities? Or would you like a quick quotation? Our consulting team is ready for you.

Our secret? InfraCore® technology

Our bridges are made using fiber-reinforced plastics, or composites. This is due to our patentedhonored InfraCore® technology. So you can rest assured that the bridge is and will remain safe. Also because composite retains its shape and strength after years of use.