They provide a reliable solution for creating stable paths over soft or uneven surfaces while offering the benefits of lightweight and durable construction.

Advantages Composite Driving Plate

Light => 30% of steel

Safe => Integrated Non slip layer

Lower MKI

Less theft sensitive => RFID chip

Features Composite driving plates

To be used as a steel driving plate (heavy traffic)

Much safer because equipped with wear layer: provides safe running/driving surface even in wet weather

Wear layer is integrated; non-removable, with large abrasion depth

As strong as steel

More flexible than steel

Much lighter than steel (34kg/m2 vs. 120kg/m2 )

Much lower operating costs (transportation and handling)

MKI score is about 35% of steel

Purchase cost slightly higher than steel (recouped with 10-15 shipments)

Much stronger and stiffer than PE row sheets

Less prone to theft

To be fitted with RFID chip → much easier management

Fully recyclable