Schipluiden | Golf course Delfland

  • Project number: 11-032
  • Length: 9.6m
  • Width: 1.8m
  • Class: InfraCore® GolfBridge
  • Construction year: 2011

Delfland is considered by many to be the nicest Pay & Play golf course in South Holland (NL)! It is not without reason that the slogan is: Golf is fun & for everyone! Play cheaply when and how often you want on this 36-hole course!

Golf course Delfland is located on the border of Delft and Schipluiden and is easily accessible via the A4 from both The Hague and Rotterdam in 10 to 15 minutes. In its more than 20 years of existence, the track has grown into one of the most popular and fun courses in South Holland. For young and old; beginners and advanced and always accessible to players from other courses.

Golf course Delfland was the first golf course to opt for maintenance-free FiberCore golf bridges. There are already three beautiful bridges in the track. The first since 2011.