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FiberCore Europe articles and publications regularly appear in the media. Here is an overview:

A composite pedestrian or bicycle bridge never rots or rusts!
Greenkeeper - May 2023

This material of the future is durable, sturdy and super light!
BNR Podcast Eyeopeners - February 2023

Composites end markets: Civil Infrastructure
Composites World - December 2022

Composite bridges last longer, are quick to build and require little maintenance
City+Green - October 2022

Interview with FiberCore Europe
Easy Engineering - Sep 2022

Refurbishing bridges at half the time, cost versus replacement
CompositesWorld - April 2022

Sustainable renovation of concrete bridges with composite panels
Building Circular - Feb 2022

Renovation with plastics makes bridge twice as strong
Cobouw - June 2021

Composite bridges are sustainable
Land & Water - October 2020

SUREbridge: Hardenberg gives old bridge second life with material Max Verstappen wins with
The Stentor - September 2020

LIGHTENING THE LOAD (Oisterwijksebaan | Tilburg)
Bridge Design and Engineering - July 2020

A penetrating lesson from 1,000 bridges
Cobouw - June 2020

HUGO auxiliary bridges (collaboration with KWS)
Cobouw - June 2020

HUGO auxiliary bridges (collaboration with KWS)
Green Affairs - June 2020

HUGO auxiliary bridges (collaboration with KWS)
Plastics and Rubber - June 2020

Thousandth composite bridge in production
Land & Water - May 2020

Biobased composite bridge in The Netherlands
CompositesWorld - October 2018

Composite: impossible to imagine without
Land and Water - July 2018

Plant Tour FiberCore Europe
CompositesWorld - December 2017

Ben Drogt - Comparing materials well
Land and Water - March 2018

Truss bridge - 100 year service life
OTAR - 2017

Smart bridge in Rotterdam
OTAR - 2017

DNA bridge, Enschede
Tubantia - May 2017

Bridges on the assembly line
Plastics Magazine - April 2017

Innovation program to accelerate Bridges
Bridges 25 - March 2017

Fiber-reinforced plastic comes across the bridge
Bridges 25 - March 2017

Dutch innovation saves billions of euros on maintenance
Land + Water - November 2016

Quayside innovations, smart moorings for barges
The Port Newspaper - August 2016

Builder of plastic bridges seeks investors
Financial Daily - June 2016

Composites require very little maintenance;
iMaintain Magazine - May 2016

Largest composite lock gates in the world;
Plastics and Rubber Magazine - March 2016

UK's first InfraCore FRP bridge floated down Thames
ECS Services News (UK) - March 2016

ECS installs new composite bridge at Mapledurham;
Composites UK - February 2016

Rotterdam gained a bridge!
Havenloods - February 2016

World's largest fiber reinforced polymer Lock Gates;
New Civil Engineer (UK) - January 2016

Interview new Managing Director, Harald de Graaf
Cobouw, January 12, 2016
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World's largest composite lock gates, composite lock gates can be much slimmer still
Cobouw, January 11, 2016
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This is how to grow in an industry full of suspicion
De Volkskrant, Jan. 11, 2016
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Lock gates made of plastic, the new steel?
De Volkskrant, Jan. 08, 2016
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Feasibility study for suspension bridge in VVK with a span of 3.7km.
Bridges 23, No. 4, December 2015.
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Wilhelmina Canal gets world's largest composite lock gates
OTAR, No. 7, November 2015.
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Breakthrough for composite bridge
Cobouw, Jan. 20, 2015
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Tosca Vissers, Bridge builders of the future
Advertorial in Cobouw, September 9, 2014
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Editorial report of the lecture by J. Peeters
Bridges 22,July 7, 2014
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Swing bridge Souburg: Strong combination of composite and steel
OTAR, No. 5, June 2014
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A second life for a historic steel swing bridge
Land + Water, No. 7/8, June 2014
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World first: World's largest composite lock gates in Tilburg
The Wilhelmina Canal, May 23, 2014
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Wilhelminakanaal widening project
Online magazine: Innovation materials, no.1 April/May 2014
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Composite and concrete are growing together
Company portrait FCE, December 4, 2013
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Lock gets doors made of composite
lifespan more than 100 years
Cobouw, November 5, 2013
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Sandwich structures in bridges
The new milestone in bridge building
Reinforced plastics, November 1, 2013
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100 bridges for 100 years
City of Rotterdam Trusts New Technology for Infrastructure Investment
DETAIL, August 7, 2013
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Good news
indestructible composite increasingly used
Cobouw, June 28, 2013
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Civil engineering about Hogeweg
Composite expands opportunities for sustainable infrastructure
Civil Engineering, June 5, 2013
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RWS commits to VVK
Rijkswaterstaat makes a case for VVK
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Front page Cobouw, January 11, 2012
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Viaduct over A27
Background information on the advantage in installation time of the lighter construction over conventional materials.
Cobouw, October 24, 2011
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FiberCore Europe on the NOS News
On Thursday, July 21, NOS devoted ample time to the sustainable and innovative nature of composite bridges.
NOS News, 21 July 2011
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Composite road bridges
Achilles' heel plastic bridges overcome
Cobouw, November 17, 2010
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European first
Composite trap bascule bridge Oosterwolde successfully installed
Cobouw, April 20, 2010
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Infra discovers composite
Sustainable procurement brings plastic bridges into focus
Civil Engineering, August 2009
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Top 25 Industrial Companies
FiberCore Europe is included is the Tech25
FEM business & finance, June 2009
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Outside in
Composite Delft Design Bridge with Royal Haskoning
DAX, volume 4, 2009, news
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Composite bridges suitable for heaviest class of traffic
Problems sandwich constructions overcome
Cobouw 05-02-2009/ Ad Tissink
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Composite bridge without a foundation
A first in the Krimpenerwaard
Land + Water, May 2008/ ir. J.H.A. Peeters
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