FiberCore Europe brings sustainable solutions into new phase with trusted Norwegian investors

[Rotterdam, August 30, 2023] - FiberCore Europe, leading builder of composite bridges, is proud to announce a new phase in which, after years of cooperation, Norwegian investors have now acquired the majority of shares. FiberCore Europe remains undiminished in its commitment to developing and realizing highly innovative composite bridges, in response to the increasing demand for sustainable bridges and the renovation wave. All this in cooperation with an extensive network of reliable partners.

This milestone marks a new chapter for FiberCore Europe, known for its high-quality lightweight structures. With the arrival of the Norwegian investors, the company has a solid financial base to drive further growth and innovation. The proportion of circular material in the bridges will be greatly increased, making the bridges even more sustainable.

FiberCore Europe stresses that its commitment to the Rotterdam production site remains unchanged. As one of the largest composites production facilities in Europe, the Rotterdam location will continue to play a crucial role in the manufacture of high-quality bridge structures. New investments will be used to increase production capacity, further optimize the efficiency of the plant and produce even more sustainably, all on top of the already short construction time.

Known for their strategic vision and strong commitment to sustainable projects, the Norwegians share FiberCore Europe's mission to shape the infrastructure of the future. That future calls for sustainable and circular bridges, which is what composite bridges are. FiberCore also provides solutions for the large-scale replacement and renovation of degraded bridges (the so-called V&R task), which has now begun. The Norwegians' involvement and support will strengthen FiberCore Europe's expertise and accelerate the development of revolutionary bridge structures.

FiberCore Europe has already delivered more than 1,500 bridges and remains true to its core values of innovation, quality and reliability. The company will continue to work with its extensive network of partners, including not only clients but also architects, engineering firms, contractors and suppliers, to provide sustainable solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of modern society.

"We are delighted to announce our new phase," said Matthijs Raak, CEO of FiberCore Europe. "With Norwegian expertise and capital, we are confident that we can strengthen our position as a market leader in the European composite bridge industry and further expand our mission to provide lightweight, sustainable and innovative solutions."

Raak continues: "FiberCore Europe looks to the future with enthusiasm and is determined to push the boundaries of bridge technology. The company will continue to invest in research and development, entering into new partnerships and delivering pioneering projects that contribute to a sustainable infrastructure for future generations."