InfraCore Conference 2022 in Bayeux

In early May, we were finally able to hold our InfraCoreĀ® Conference with our partners from all over the world. This year we held it in the beautiful surroundings of Bayeux, France. This partner event had been postponed for over a year because of the Covid-19 situation. Since our last meeting, quite a few new partners had joined our InfraCore community, and this was an excellent opportunity for them to get acquainted with the rest of our partners.



In addition to presentations, discussions and knowledge exchange about FRP, we naturally did some fun activities during our stay in Normandy. Together we visited Omaha beach with a guide, went to the Tapisserie de Bayeux and enjoyed French cuisine.


After the InfraCore Conference, it was time to move on to another conference, the JEC World Conference in Paris, where the InfraCore company was exhibiting this year. It was three busy days where we met many people in the field of composites.

Partner network

Our partner network includes both licensees and agents. The Licensees are Orenco in the US, SIS in Australia, CMS in Canada, Haukes in Suriname and Rozenblat in Poland. The Agents are GP Papenburg in Germany, Lifespan, ECS in the UK, CGK in Belgium and MSS in Norway. Want to know more? Then look here: