Bicycle and pedestrian bridges

FiberCore Bicycle and pedestrian bridges made of durable composite. With wear layer that we guarantee. Choose a standard bridge or a custom design. Practically maintenance free.

Traffic bridges

High-strength FiberCore Traffic Bridges for the heaviest classes of traffic. Lightweight, ultra-strong and practically maintenance-free. Great freedom of form. Various colors and qualities of wear layers.

Lot bridges

Practical FiberCore Lot Bridges. Easy and quick to transport and place with minimal foundation. With a widened driveway, as an access road to a lot. Safe, extremely strong and durable. Standard and custom made.

Bridge decks

We supply bridge decks for both new and to be renovated bridges. Hybrid with steel, wood or concrete, for example. We can widen and strengthen the current bridge.



Golf bridges

A composite FiberCore Golf Bridge is the ideal alternative to wood. Quick to install with minimal inconvenience. No foundations are required. With warranty on wear layer.

Lock doors

Are you looking for a low-maintenance alternative to traditional lock doors? Then definitely choose composite lock gates. These cannot rust or rot. The ultra-light weight and prefabricated construction ensure Nuisance Free Construction. Very favorable EMVI score.