Erica - Ter Apel | Hondsrug Canal

  • Project Number: 11-005
  • Length: 5m
  • Width: 3.6m
  • Year built: 2012

In 2012, the world's first prefabricated composite lock gates with InfraCore® Inside were lifted into place.

The composite lock gates were made for the Provinces of Drenthe and Groningen, which together renovated the Erica - Ter Apel shipping lane. The concept of composite lock gates is a strong example of Dutch innovation and has been enthusiastically received by the market. The low maintenance and durable nature of the material were the deciding factors for the lock gates at Erica - Ter Apel. In addition, the fast delivery time and cost advantage were important.

RTV Drenthe made a television broadcast of the lock in operation.