Haarlem | Schalkwijkerstraat

  • Project Number: 11-026
  • Length: 13.2 & 15m
  • Width: 9.5 & 7.4m
  • Class: 5kN/m2 + service vehicle
  • Year built: 2012

These two bridges, equipped with a special traditional railing, were installed in 2012 to replace two weathered wooden bridges. Due to the railing and pre-formed bridge deck with footpath, the modern bridge still fits perfectly into the old Haarlem city center.

The South Bicycle Bridge has a trapezoidal shape, but is nevertheless prefabricated and composed of two parts in a clever way.

Both bridges are equipped with provisions for the piping of public utilities. Among these is a main gas transmission pipeline with a diameter of no less than 600mm. The facilities were created behind and under the overhanging edge so that the pipes, despite their size, are not conspicuous.