Utrecht | A27 | Lunetten

  • Project Number: 11-014
  • Length: 140m
  • Width: 6.2m
  • Class: VK60
  • Year built: 2011/2012

This 142-meter-long traffic viaduct over the A27 is equipped with an InfraCore® Inside bridge deck made of fiber-reinforced plastic. The deck is made up of seven parts and was previously coupled to the steel structure at the construction site. The completed structure was then placed in its entirety over the A27 freeway.

The enormous weight savings were guiding the choice of a composite deck, in hybrid with the steel structure. The much higher lifespan and maintenance-free nature of the deck also played a role. The viaduct was built on behalf of ProRail, Heijmans was the main contractor. View the animation here.