FCE awarded the HalfTime Award of the InfraTech Innovation Award 2013

HalfTime Award for 'A27'

The traffic viaduct over the A27, whose deck FiberCore Europe produced, has been awarded the HalfTime Award of the InfraTech Innovation Prize.

This award is given to the innovation that demonstrably achieves faster realization in infrastructure with less disruption. The viaduct, which was built on behalf of ProRail and Heijmans, is equipped with a 140-meter long InfraCore® bridge deck. This plastic deck is made up of only 7 parts and was previously coupled to the steel structure on the construction site. The assembled structure was placed over the A27 highway in just 1 weekend in early March.

The rapid installation was possible due to the low deadweight of the viaduct; by applying a lightweight InfraCore® bridge deck, a huge weight saving was achieved. Because the shorter construction time reduced traffic disruption by half, the innovative hybrid construction was awarded HalfTime Award.

View the poster Heijmans Civiel made about the hybrid construction here.