FiberCore Europe (1995-2018)

In 1995, Jan Peeters developed Europe’s first publicly accessible composite bridge in Harlingen. His engineering firm Composieten Team bv worked together on the project with the Dutch department of Waterways.
At the time more than a hundred bridges and bridge decks of composite material had been constructed in the United States in a short period. Within a few years most of those composite bridges in the US suffered serious structural problems. By now, only a few of these bridges are still in use. The main causes of the constructive failures were delamination, detachment and cracking. Three problems that do not show until after the combination of fatigue and impact occurs. Although composite is in many respects superior to concrete, wood and steel, the application of this great material in heavily loaded constructions requires extra attention.

Jan Peeters resigned from the Plastic and Rubber Institute at TNO and focussed all his attention on developing a revolutionary construction technology with composite. Despite the long history of composites, these high-tech materials had not been paid much attention to. It took almost 10 years before the inventions of Jan Peeters could be applied in infrastructure. Together with Simon de Jong, Jan Peeters founded FiberCore Europe in 2008.
With their patented technology InfraCore Inside, FiberCore Europe is now a worldwide success. More than 700 InfraCore bridges, bridge decks and lock gates have been realized in the Netherlands, Belgium, England, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, China and the USA.
An important moment in the development of the company was the real scale research which proved that the InfraCore technology does not show any fatigue or any other structural failure for a hundred years after a serious impact.

FiberCore Europe has grown steadily in recent years. Over the years, numerous patent positions were developed worldwide on the technology and the production method. The year 2015 showed a growth of over 140% and proved to be real breakthrough, with the realization of five moving road bridges and eight lock gates for the Wilhelmina Canal in Tilburg. After years of investment, the acceptance of the InfraCore technology in civil infrastructure has become a fact.

Meanwhile Jan Peeters and Simon de Jong have passed the management of FiberCore Europe to Jan Kroon and Ed Hoogstad. They will focus on further professionalization and the ambitious (international) growth of the infrastructure company.

Since other market segments showed an interest in the InfraCore technology, InfraCore Company was founded at the end of 2015. This company is mainly active in offshore, non-residential construction, shipbuilding and the aviation and aerospace industry. Based on the convincing track record in infrastructure, the founders of FiberCore Europe concentrate on new applications with the InfraCore technology within this high-tech engineering company. The focus is on the combination of four powerful qualities:
• robustness and fatigue resistance
• thermal insulation
• blast resistance
• fire protection

Science has shown an increasing interest in InfraCore technology, too. Research into the properties of InfraCore is carried out in several universities and polytechnics at home and abroad. The InfraCore Institute will coordinate this research and activate interested young people.