Standardized FRP bicycle and pedestrian bridges

Do you want a bicycle and pedestrian bridge that can be delivered quickly, without a lengthy design process? Then opt for a standardized bridge from FiberCore Europe. Standardized engineering, standardized dimensions and made from the new standard in material: FRP. Very strong, very sustainable and practically maintenance-free.

Quick delivery

A standardized bridge can be delivered quickly. Our engineers design these according to standardized engineering, in accordance with Eurocode / CUR96. We are building the bridge in our own factory in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Thanks to optimum planning, a standardized bridge can be delivered quickly. We transport the bridge to the site and place it directly in one go. Installation is quick and easy, with minimal disruption to the environment. If necessary, the bridge can be used the same day.

Affordable choice

Due to standardized engineering and production, the standardized bridge is not only quickly available, but also a lot cheaper than a customized bridge.

Minimal foundation is enough

FRP is a light material. This has the advantage that only a minimal foundation is required. With replacement of an old bridge, in most cases even the existing abutments are sufficient. And because our bridges are extremely strong, most bridges can be executed in one span, without intermediate support points. That means: a clear view under the bridge and an unhindered water passage. Moreover, this saves maintenance. And our bridges are already low in maintenance!

From classic and rustic to modern

A standardized bicycle and pedestrian bridge from FiberCore Europe fits into any environment. You have a choice of various styles: ultra-sleek, modern, classic or rustic. There are four types of handrails, available in various materials. We can mount the railings in two ways: on or against the bridge. The thickness and finish of the deck also determine the appearance. Our new standard bridges are available in lengths of 6 to 16 meters and up to 4.5 meters wide.

Very low-maintenance and sustainable

The bridges are extremely strong, low in maintenance and very sustainable. They last more than 100 years. Every FiberCore Europe bridge is equipped with InfraCore® Inside. A patented FRP construction that is stronger than steel, without the risk of fatigue or corrosion. The material is insensitive to mold and moisture, UV and temperature changes. Also nice: a FiberCore bridge is resistant to all forms of vandalism, such as graffiti and fire.

PET resin. Simply standard.

Did you know that with the purchase of a new standard bridge from FiberCore Europe you not only get a particularly sustainable bridge, but also clear up to 27,500 PET bottles? These bridges are in fact manufactured with PET resins: a type of resin in which a significant proportion of recycled PET bottles are incorporated. Simply standard.

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Or opt for a custom bridge

FRP offers unprecedented freedom of form. So if you want to have a bridge designed, our engineers and constructors tailor it. Feel free to challenge us!

Our projects

In The Netherlands, Europe and far beyond you will now find more than 1400 bridges and numerous lock gates produced by FiberCore Europe. From bicycle bridge in the residential area to the world’s longest bridge span. And from a harbor bridge in the Port of Rotterdam to the world’s largest FRP lock gates. And we are proud of that!

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With a standardized bicycle and pedestrian bridge from FiberCore Europe you opt for a very strong, low-maintenance and sustainable product. We deliver the bridge quickly. Placing is easy; if necessary, the bridge can be used the same day. Do you want to know more about the options? Or do you want a quick quote?