Italië | Livenza

  • Projectnummer: 12-062
  • Lengte: 17.5m
  • Breedte: 2.5m
  • Klasse: 5kN/m2 + dienstvoertuig
  • Bouwjaar: 2013

InfraCore® Inside by FiberCore Europe has landed in Italy, in the Venice-region.

The 17.5m long bridge is installed in the Comune S. Stino di Livenza, a country town northeast of Venice. The bridge will be used by pedestrian and bicycle traffic. It is probably the first all-FRP bridge in Italy.

The project has been a joint operation between FiberCore Europe and Janson Bridging Italia. The client has chosen for InfraCore® Inside because of its short lead time and low-maintenance features. The bridge being lightweight strongly facilitated transportation and installation.