Maassluis | Wilgenrijk

  • Project number: 18-302
  • Length: 8.4 & 12.4m
  • Width: 4.8m
  • Class: Eurocodes
  • Construction year: 2018

Wilgenrijk is a green and water-rich development, which is currently being realized in a rural location between Rotterdam and The Hague near Maassluis in South Holland. Themes such as sustainability, quality and future-proofing play an important role in this housing development. The high-quality construction and beautiful architecture demanded a high-quality design of the public space. Plein ’06 delivered the beautiful design of, among other things, the composite bridges included in this plan. FiberCore took care of the engineering and construction based on its proven InfraCore® Inside technology. The bridges are designed for a minimum lifespan of 100 years, require hardly any maintenance and are easy to install and replace. Want to know more about how FiberCore can assist you in creating groundbreaking designs in your project? We would like to hear from you!

A collaboration with: Area Managers, Municipality of Maassluis, Province of South Holland, Wilgenrijk B.V., plein06 architects