Meppel | Pijlebrug

  • Project number: 13-091
  • Length: 8.2m
  • Width: 4.8m
  • Class: Eurocodes
  • Construction year: 2013

In 2013, the outdated fall of the Pijlebrug in Meppel was replaced by a lightweight FiberCore bridge deck. Thanks to this new, wider deck, the bridge is now also accessible to cyclists and traffic from both directions.

For the production of this bridge, full scale tests were carried out at WMC (formerly part of TU Delft) on behalf of the Municipality of Meppel. There, a FiberCore bridge deck with InfraCore® Inside with deliberate damage on a scale of 1: 1 was exposed to 6 million load changes. That can be translated into a load during a hundred years. Parallel experiments took place with smaller test pieces. The so-called SN fatigue curves can be drawn up on this basis.

Watch the video of the placement here. Video: RTV Drenthe.

Photo: Royal HaskoningDHV