Muiden | Spieringbrug

  • Project number: 13-096
  • Length: 12.1m
  • Width: 16.3m
  • Class: Eurocodes
  • Construction year: 2013

In 2013, SPIE installed this special bridge deck between the green steel girders of the Spiering bridge in Muiden. The underside is decorated with a poem about the Vecht by the 19th century politician Jacob Nicolaas Bastert:

O Fight you have stolen my heart
I will not rise again from your ground
Your ground, which is always of my mild honey
Milk and soft butter flow
So I live richer like a king
Fatigued and not tired of worry

The bridge is transparent and contemporary and, through its shape, material and color, it fits in with both the green environment and the historic atmosphere of the Vesting Muiden. The name of the bridge refers to the nickname for Muidenaren: Spieringen.

Photography: Jan de Vries (after installation)

Movie of installation