Purmerend | Nieuwe standaard bruggen

  • Project number: 18-343
  • Length: 16m
  • Width: 3m
  • Class: 5kn/m2 + service vehicle
  • Construction year: 2019

The municipality of Purmerend is one of the largest buyers of our composite bridges. You will find FiberCore bridges in all shapes and sizes. This is a good example of our new standard bridge concept.

In addition to custom solutions, FiberCore Europe also supplies standard bicycle bridges. By means of standardized engineering, carefully calculated by our constructors, and optimal planning in our factory, these new standard bridges are competitive and available quickly.

With the color scheme and finish of the deck and the execution of the railing, almost any appearance can be achieved. From ultra sleek and modern, to classic and rural.

Photography: Jan de Vries