Verenigd Koninkrijk | Kings Lynn | Purfleet Footbridge

  • Projectnummer: 13-082
  • Lengte: 10.1m
  • Breedte: 2m
  • Klasse: 5kN/m2
  • Bouwjaar: 2013

The Council needed to replace an existing timber footbridge over the Purfleet Water Way which had deteriorated and was not suitable for disabled access. The initial requirement was for a replacement steel bridge with a 10m span and 2m wide. Lifespan Structures tendered and offered an alternative option to design, supply and install a FRP composite footbridge deck with stainless steel handrails which was accepted.

This is believed to be one of the first moulded FRP composite footbridge decks in the UK. The bridge was delivered to site in one piece complete with surfacing and handrails and was lifted into position in under an hour. After installation Lifespan Structuresremoved the adjacent timber bridge and completed the surfacing and hand railing on each embankment. The work was completed in June 2013.

FRP composite bridge decks offer considerable benefits when compared to the alternative steel, concrete or timber options. The bridge weighed about a third of the equivalent steel option so installation costs were reduced and this also improved the safety for our operatives during installation. On-going maintenance is minimal for the minimum 60 year service life. The footbridge is elegant in appearance with a shallow 120m radius and a deck profile which is only 250mm deep. The sustainability credentials are impressive with much lower carbon and energy metrics compared to the alternatives over the service life.

Meet our agent

This project was managed by Lifespan, our agent for the UK.