Voorhout | Railway viaduct

  • Project number: 18-390
  • Length: 16.6m
  • Width: 6.4m
  • Class: 5kn/m2 + service vehicle
  • Construction year: 2020
  • Client: Municipality of Teylingen
  • In cooperation with: Heijmans | Westdijk Transport

An unusual bicycle bridge was placed in the context of the Noordelijke Randweg Voorhout Underpass. This uniquely shaped FiberCore bridge with InfraCore® Inside with striking semicircular edge detailing is a lot lighter than a bridge in traditional materialization. This limits the permanent load on the existing substructure. The Municipality of Teylingen had also expressed a preference for a composite bridge in the context of sustainability and low maintenance costs. The 6.5-meter-wide bridge was brought in as one part in a night transport and installed in less than an hour. As a result, the number of transport movements remained limited, as was the associated environmental nuisance.